● This is designed for the tension test of the thin film (max. thickness of 2mm)
● Suitable for the 180°peeling test of the glued sheet.
● GC-2-2A/GC-2-5A are made of aluminum, and there are no filing around the gripping area.
● "GT-71" is recommended as a lower attachment if you need to set the samples without any sagging.

Film chuck


Type Max. Load Face width Upper Weight
GC-2-2A 50N 20mm 38g
GC-2-5A 50mm 65g
GC-2-2 500N 20mm 75g
GC-2-3 30mm 100g
GC-2-5 50mm 155g

● Flat chuck is all-purpose chucks which can grip thin samples to thick samples.
● It clips the samples by fastening the plate from both sides.

Flat chuck


Type Max. Load Face width Open wide Upper Weight
GC-10-1 500N 20mm 0〜10mm 140g
GC-10-2 0〜20mm 200g
GC-10-3 10〜30mm 220g
GC-12 2kN 30mm 0〜18mm 530g
GC-15 5kN 48mm 0〜20mm 3.6kg
GC-17 10kN

● This chuck is used to hold the round bar shaped samples, or attachment with round bar.

Drill chuck


Type Max. Load Grip Upper Weight
GC-20TR1 1kN φ0.5〜3mm 100g
GC-20TR4A 5kN φ2〜9mm 440g
GC-20TR4B 10kN

● It is a jig which clamps a pin, and to be used by a compression examination.
● This chuck is commonly used at stab examination.

Pin chuck


Type Max. Load Grip Upper Weight
GC-30A 200N φ0.5〜5mm 160g
GC-30-05 10N φ0.5〜1mm 16g
GC-30-10 φ1〜1.5mm
GC-30-15 φ1.5〜2mm

● This is suitable for tensile testing of strings, thin line, or ropes.
● It hold the samples by the frictional force to the drum, avoiding the samples to be cut at the edge of the attachment.

Wire winding grip


Type Max. Load Wire diameter Drum Upper Weight
GC-41 50N φ0.5mm φ16mm 27g
GC-42A 500N φ2mm φ30mm 580g
GC-42B 2kN
GC-45 5kN φ8mm φ40mm 3kg
GC-47 10kN

● This attachment is suitable for testing materials which are deformable and elastic such as rubber and films.
● The more tensile force is applied, the more self-clamping force is obtained.

Roller grip


Type Max. Load Width Upper Weight
GC-60 500N 30mm 180g
GC-62 2kN 40mm 500g

● Wedge grip has a self-clamping effect to hold the samples tightly, and it is very easy to clamp or release the samples.
● Hardened parts may cause slip since the initial grip force might be not enough.
This needs to be checked before testing the samples.
● Surface of the gripped area is flat.
As an option, "V" shaped surface for the round rod can be manufactured.
● GC-57A/GC-58A are fixed position type wedge grip.

Wedge grip


Type Max. Load Face width Open wide Upper Weight
GC-50 500N 8mm 4mm 200g
GC-51 2kN


7mm 1.9kg
GC-55 5kN 5mm 2.8kg
GC-57 10kN 38mm 8mm 6.5kg
GC-57A 40mm 9mm
GC-58 20kN 38mm 8mm
GC-58A 40mm 9mm
GC-59 50kN 45mm 8mm 7kg
GC-59S 100kN 8kg

● As for the Pantograph Chuck, clamping is one-touch-type, no tightening is necessary.
● GC-90AT/GC-90GT can be used as a replacement of the Air grip and as one unit for upper and lower sides.

Pantograph chuck


Type Max. Load Face width Open wide Upper Weight
GC-90H 50N 4mm 2mm 30g
GC-90A 500N 20mm 4mm 200g
GC-90G 1kN 920g

● This jig is for 3-point bending test attachment.The 4-point bending attachment can be produced, too, upon requirement.
● GA-10B is usually used for the three-point bending test for ceramic material.

Bend test attachment


Type Max. Load R Width Upper Weight
GA-10A 500N 2mm 55mm 150g


12mm 200g
GA-12 10kN 5mm 50mm 400g
GA-18 20kN 980g
GA-19 50kN 1.1kg
GA-19S 100kN 1,2kg

● This attachment is designed for compression test use.
● Attachment GA-20A is a self-centering type.
● Upper flat head of GA-22/28/29 is a self-centering type, and the extent of alignment can be adjusted.

Flat type compression attachment


Type Max. Load Diameter Upper Weight
GA-20 500N φ55mm 150g
GA-20A 200g
GA-22 10kN φ100mm 920g
GA-28 20kN 1.3kg
GA-29 50kN 2kg
GA-29S 100kN 4.3kg

● This is used for positioning of the samples.
● Y-Z table "GT-20-4" is to be used for horizontal type test machine.
● If you wish to mount another attachment on GT-20-4, in some cases, table needs to be modified.Please contact us for detail.

X-Y table / Y-Z table


Type Max. Load Stroke
GT-20-1 50N X±7.5mm/Y±7.5mm
GT-20-2 3kN


GT-20-3 500N X±30mm/Y±30mm
GT-20-4 X±15mm/Z±10mm

● It can be used as a lower attachment for many purposes.
● By customizing the surface of the gripping area, it will be used in many ways of testing.
● GT-30-2W is specially designed for gripping covered cable.
● GT-71 is a lower attachment, and it is used when samples needs to be set without any sag.

Vice grip / Paper chuck


Type Max. Load Width Open wide
GT-30-2 3kN 62mm 64mm
GT-71 500N 30mm 2mm

● GT-40/GT-42 are used for peeling test which measures the bonding strength.
● Upper attachment is an optional.Usually film chuck or pantograph chuck is selected for this attachment. (option)

Peel test attachment


Type Max. Load Width Peel stroke
GT-40 200N 50mm 130mm
GT-42 500N 150mm

● GT-52 is a "Pulling" chip exfoliation test attachment.GT-53 is a "Pushing" chip exfoliation test attachment.
● GC-91 is very useful for fixing the samples by its hook.It is used with GT-30-2W for the strength test of crimping terminal.

Chip peeling test attachment / Square-shape attachment


Type Max. Load Specification Upper Weight
GT-52 500N Wide10mm 105g
GT-53 100g
GC-91 200N Open wide 0〜4mm 150g

● GP-5-0/1 is a hook for catches.
● Connection screws such as 'GQ-10-3' are necessary for 'GP-30-1/2' additionally.
● 'GP-5-2/GP-30-2' are not suitable for a hard sample, because these are not hardened.

Miscellaneous attachment


Type Max. Load Size Weight
GP-5-0 50N - 4g
GP-5-3A 79mm 8g
GP-5-1 500N - 12g
GP-5-2 φ16mm 12g
GP-5-3 100mm 27g
GP-30-1 3kN - 60g
GP-30-2 φ25mm 30g

● GQ-10-0 is a T-shape nut used to mount the lower attachment.
● GQ-10-1 to 4 is a connecting rod which has male screws at both ends.
● GQ-20 is an universal joint which has female screws at both ends.
● GQ-31 is a pin-type connecting joint which has female screws at both ends.

T-nuts / Connecting Joint / Universal Joint


Type Screw diameter
GQ-10-0 M8
GQ-10-1 M6(M)×M6(M)
GQ-10-2 M12(M)×M6(M)
GQ-10-3 M12(M)×M10(M)
GQ-10-4 M12(M)×M12(M)
GQ-20-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-20-2 M12(F)×M12(F)
GQ-30-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-30-2 M12(F)×M12(F)
GQ-30-3 M12(F)×M10(F)
GQ-31-1 M6(F)×M6(F)
GQ-31-2 M12(F)×M12(F)

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