Measurement by the high precision gearmotor and the strain meter While an output shaft carries out self-rotation, the load fluctuation of a solid of revolution is caught by the sensor.

The main features:
- Peak, Real time and RGmode.(selectable)
- Programmable High and Low set points with both audible beep and Green/Red LED indicator for uniform torque tightening or GO/NO GO testing.
- The type of series is five kinds.
It is adapted for various torque ranges (0.1 mN-m - 2 N-m).
- External input and output are also substantial. An OK-NG output and data output External start signal input
- By RG mode (real-time output) loading, a torque wave is also simply with a personal computer.



Specification NTS-6
S-1 S-2 S-5 S-10 S-20
Measuring range  
(at the time of Track)
Accuracy ±1%
2 mN・m or Less ±3dijit 0.2 N・mor Less ±3dijit
Rotational frequency
(at the time of no-load)
85rpm 25rpm 13rpm 18rpm 18rpm
Display The 4 figures digital display of LCD
The measurement direction CW-CCW Possible (right and left)   It rotates by the motor.
Peak operation mode (PP):
Display the maximum under measurement .
Truck mode (GO):
Always display the load torque which has started.
RG mode (PD):
Carry out the data output of the load torque every  1/ 87 seconds.
Measurement start time Time after beginning rotation until it starts measurement is set up
(0.1 - 1 second).
Torque judging It is in measuring range and a setup of a maximum value and a minimum value is possible.[ O.K.In the Set point ] Lamp lighting:  [ NG Outside the Set point ] Error buzzer
External input and output Signal output (open collector): O.K., NG
Data output: ASCII Format (baud rate9600), External start switch input
Power supply AC100V~240V
bit size φ 4 HEX6.35
Outside size indicator 165(W)×110(D)×58(H)
Outside size detector φ28×155< φ37×195 φ40×235

(one piece each)

Inspection report, Proofreading certificate, Traceability system figure

When it is going to bolt a screw by a power driver etc., output torque is inspected by the torque tester for power drivers. This is required for the performance management of a power driver. However, this value is not a torque value which is a value which shows the output of a driver and has become tight. Managing torque truly is managing "the torque value of the actually tightened screw." However, the tester which measures "the torque value of the actually tightened screw" till today did not exist.
I manufactured this machine in order to solve it.
- The check of "the torque value of the actually tightened screw" by a user's product random inspection - Ask for the relation between "the value of a torque circuit tester", and "the torque value of the actually tightened screw". The output torque of a power driver is set up and managed.



Form DI-12-SL4 DI-12-SL02 DI-12-SL15
Operating range 0.030~4.000N・m 1.5~200.0 mN・m 0.30~15.00 N・m
accuracy ±1% (500 or less digit±5digit) ±0.5% (200 or less digit±1digit)
Display  The 4 figures digital display of LCD
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)A display will be the display of only an absolute value. Load of + (the CW direction) and - (the direction of CCW) is carried out to a data output.
Measure-ment Mode P-P(peak) The peak load value hold.Destructive torque (the CW direction) -- it loosens and torque (the direction of CCW) is measured.
T-R(truck) A display changes with load change.
judging mode
The judgment of slide torque and the judgment of the yield point are performed.
(Only the CW direction)
Detection judging If a slide torque value is detected, you will be told about by green lamp lighting.(at the time of RG mode)
Measurement start value setup The value which starts measurement (start of judgment operation) is set up. ( 0.001 N-m unit from 0 N-m)
Continuation data output A load torque value is outputted for every fixed time during measurement in RG mode.
By creating a torque wave, loci, such as slide torque, yield point torque, and destructive torque, can be judged.
Auto-power-off Automatically power off after 5 minutes left without operation
Bit plug form HEX 6.35 fai 4 6.35sq
Data output ASCII format (baud rate 9600). A measurement result is outputted.
Outside dimension Detector fai 44×190 Other projection thing fai 20×145  fai 55×270 
Indicator 166(W)×142(D)×48(H)
Weight Detector About 820g About 80g About 1.5kg
Indicator About1kg
Accessories (one piece each) Bit+ #1 #2 Bit + #0
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate, a traceability system figure

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